U.S. Steel Master Area Plan

Duluth, Minnesota
Minnesota Department of Health

U.S. Steel Corp.’s Duluth Works site, a former steel mill and coking operation, is on both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s national priorities list and the state of Minnesota’s permanent list of priorities. The site is approximately 600 acres (500 acres of land and 100 acres of river sediment) and located 4 miles southwest of Duluth’s central business district and adjacent to the neighborhoods of Morgan Park and Gary-New Duluth. The HIA will provide recommendations to the city council on how to best consider the potential health impacts of developing the site. In particular, it will consider negative health impacts associated with lead, contaminated soils and water, lack of access to health care, and depressed property values of homes near brownfields. Positive impacts to be considered by the HIA include new housing, job creation, and renewable energy generation. 

This is part of a Health Impact Project HIA program grant. As part of the work of that work, Minnesota Department of Health will establish a state-level interagency work group and a coalition of local agency and nonprofit partners to support HIA training and technical assistance. The department will also create tools and develop state-level policies to help make HIA a routine part of decision-making.

The Minnesota Department of Health is also conducting an HIA to inform the City of Duluth Small Area Plan. It previously conducted four HIAs: 6th Avenue East Duluth HIA, Divine Mercy development HIA,  Douglas County comprehensive plan HIA, and the St. Louis Park comprehensive plan HIA.

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